Duramax Palladium 6x5

Duramax Palladium 6x5
Duramax Palladium 6x5Duramax Palladium 6x5Duramax Palladium 6x5
Duramax Palladium 6x5Duramax Palladium 6x5
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Brand:  Duramax



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Product Information

Duramax Palladium 6x5

For whatever the season in your home garden it can be a hindrance at festivities or while gardening to find a suitable storage solution. For those who require a generous storage space and a high value on the appearance of the once simple tool shed the Duramax Palladium is the ideal solution.

The Palladium boasts longevity and does not look out of place in every garden. The shed has a steel, galvanized construction and coated in a timeless powder coating. The treated panels offer the constant reassurance of zero attack and this is underlined by the 20 year warranty against rust. The corrugated walls also contribute to the strength of this metal shed.

A practical gas spring facilitates the opening of the door and also keeps this door opened whilst clearing out the shed. It has lockable mechanism to protect against unauthorised access and gives the owner of this delightful shed a sense of security.

What makes the Palladium special is its comfortable interior wall height of about 188 cm. Even larger people can pursue their hobby in an upright position. The unique light band that spans the entire front side of the house provides adequate daylight lighting inside the shed.

The base frame and a metal substructure are also included gives the Avatar high stability. It is also possible to transport the house even after the construction of the final position.

Let yourself be inspired by the garden shed Palladium -it combines “practical benefits” with an “attractive design” in a storage solution. 

Palladium 6x5 Specifications

Dimensions Width x Depth 194.5 x 169.3 cm
Footprint in sq.m. 3 m²
Dimension 212.8 x 198.6 cm
External width incl. 
Roof overhang
212.8 cm
Outside Depth incl.
Roof overhang
198.6 cm
Interior dimensions 159.8 x 185 cm
Building volume 5.7 m³
Wall thickness 0.5mm
Construction Plug-in / screw system
Included Door handles, assembly instructions
Passage width 77.9 cm
Headroom 181.9 cm
Ridge height 231.4 cm
Sidewall height 181.9 cm
Outer wall surface 12,52 m²
Roof area 4.2 m²
Roof thickness 0.5mm
Roof overhang front 34.5 cm
Roof pitch 10 °
Primary colour Silver
Standard equipment Door, skylight
Roof shape Pent roof
Material Specification steel
Surface Treatment Powder coated, galvanized
Number openable window 0
Type of doors Single Door
Weight 135 kg





Product Specification

General Size 6x5
Roof Size 199x213
Base Size 194.5 x 169.3
Wall Height 188
Overall Height 232
Door Opening Size 181.7 x 77.5
2nd Door Opening Size NA
Delivery Time 15 - 20 Working Days