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Elite 3P Trainer Swim Spa

Elite 3P Trainer Swim Spa
Elite 3P Trainer Swim SpaElite 3P Trainer Swim SpaElite 3P Trainer Swim Spa
Elite 3P Trainer Swim SpaElite 3P Trainer Swim SpaElite 3P Trainer Swim Spa



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20 mile radius of Andover only

  • Seats 3+ adults
  • 36 stainless steel water portals
  • Three 5hp high flow viper pumps wet end
  • 3 full body massage seats
  • 4x powerful swim jets
  • iPod system with speakers
  • LED surround lighting
  • LED lit waterfall
  • Anti-bacterial protection (Microban)
  • 10 year parts and labour warranty
  • 4.60m x 2.32m x 1.27m
  • 3 kW heater
  • LED lit waterfalls
  • Dual ozone installed
  • Divertor seat isolation
  • Twin entry steps
  • 7571 Litre capacity
  • Programmable filtration system
  • 4” high insulation hard cover
  • 40 amp supply required
  • Maintenance free cabinet

The Elite 3P Trainer is the same size as the party swim but it offers more power and hydrotherapy. It will suit an intermediate to advanced level swimmer and the big swim lane makes it the perfect match. It is powered by three 5HP pumps through four adjustable swim jets.There are steps located on both sides of the swim spa for easy access. It features three full body massage seats perfect for relaxing after a swim or just for relaxing after a long day. 

Surround LED lighting, LED waterfalls and an iPod music system with speakers all come as standard. The swim jets create adjustable currents to suit the more advanced swimmer. It is also perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises.

Major Benefits

  • Offers great resistance swimming through the 4 power jets
  • Powerful fully adjustable hot tub therapy
  • Features bluetooth controlled MP3 music with AUX cable and subwoofer
  • lluminated air controls, swim jets and waterfall
  • Unbeatable 10 year parts warranty

If you think you want more of a challenging workout then I would recommend this swim spa. The idea of a swim spa is to swim at a pace but for long periods to build your endurance and this is perfect for that. The three pumps can be adjusted at various speeds depending on the level of swimmer.

The other benefit of having a three pumps is that you can have a more therapeutic massage experience when using the hot tub seats. Having a big swim lane makes it the ideal swim spa to perfect your swim stroke even with the extra power.

Overall I would recommend this swim spa for the intermediate going on to the advanced level of swimming. It sits right in the middle of our swim spa range in terms of power and therapy but still offers all the great added features like music and surround LED lighting that add to the spa experience.