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Elite Splasher Pool

Elite Splasher Pool
Elite Splasher PoolElite Splasher PoolElite Splasher Pool
Elite Splasher PoolElite Splasher PoolElite Splasher Pool



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  • Seats 3 adults
  • 57 stainless steel water portals
  • Three 5hp viper pumps wet end
  • Two full body massage seats
  • 2x powerful swim jets
  • MP3 Music system with speakers
  • LED lighting
  • Illuminated controls & cup holders
  • Aromatherapy liquid injectors
  • Tether anchor for resistance swimming (optional)
  • Feet and hand massage jets
  • Anti-bacterial protection (Microban)
  • Maintenance free cabinet
  • Programmable filtration system
  • 10 year parts and labour warranty
  • 3.81m x 2.28m x 1.34m
  • 3kW heater
  • Dual ozone installed
  • Seat isolation
  • 6000 litre capacity
  • 32 amp supply required
  • 4” High insulation hard cover

The Party Swim is the biggest swim spa within the range and is ideal for taller swimmers. It is powered by two 5HP pumps through four adjustable swim jets.There is easy steps from both sides of the swim spa. The spa end features three full body massage seats perfect for relaxing after a swim or just sparring. 

Its size means it can accommodate a few adults and children at the same time. It features surround LED lighting, LED waterfalls and an iPod music system with speakers. If you are looking for a larger swim spa but with added social benefits then this is the swim spa for you.

Major Benefits

  • Economical swim spa that runs off a 32amp supply
  • Large swim lane for proper stroke swimming
  • Offer great value in price
  • Features wireless MP3 music system with subwoofer
  • Outstanding 10 years parts warranty

The party swim offers great value for money with an unbeatable 10 year parts warranty to match. Having swam in this swim spa you won’t be disappointed in the power. The strength of the swim jets can be adjusted using a diverter lever located on top of the swim spa. This is a great feature as you can divert all the power to the hot tub end if you want a powerful massage or the 4 four swim jets for a harder resistance swim. This is a great swim spa for rehabilitating people with injuries and helps people with arthristis.

The LED’s on the air controls and swim jets with the music all add to the spa experience especially at night and look great. All change with different colour settings.

Overall I would recommend the party swim spa if you want a fully functionality swim spa but at a budget. Ideally for beginner to intermediate swimmers use. I would also add running this swim spa off a 32amp supply means it won’t cost you a lot of money to run either considering the benefits.