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Albany Bearers

We can supply bearers (timber posts) with your building if you wish to further raise the floor off the ground. If the floor of the shed is likely to come into contact with a lot of rainwater then bearers could significantly increase its life. The bearers would run in the opposite direction to the floor joists of the shed - if you are supplying your own bearers or sleepers then please check which way they will run and then specify on order that they must adhere to the stated direction as it can be subject to change.

Normally bearers are not essential if you have a solid, flat, level base (other than for the reason previously mentioned), as the floor is on floor joists, which allow air underneath and keep the floorboards off the base. If your base is gravel / shingle then you should sit the shed on bearers / sleepers to give it a solid foundation and support the floor evenly. The gravel / shingle still needs to be level and shouldn't be too loose.

Bearers to sit under the shed to keep it off the ground.


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