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Garden Room

Garden Room
Garden RoomGarden RoomGarden RoomGarden Room
Our Price:  £3,009.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
Garden Room Base (Black):  

Brand:  Halls



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Width: 12'8" / 3.84 m.

Length: 12'8" / 3.84 m.

Eaves: 1.63 m.

Ridge: 2.76 m.

Double sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 4 pcs.

The new Halls Garden Room is an updated version of a tried and tested traditional greenhouse for well over 60 years, and provides great value for money when it comes to overall size and innovative features.


The traditional greenhouse frame has been brought into the 21st Century and includes more bracing to help it cope with harsher weather. The roof pitch has been cleverly increased to not only provide more volume of air within the greenhouse, but to also aid snow loading capacity. Increasing the roof pitch has allowed a complete redesign of the ridge bar to include a channel on top for decorative cresting, and gutters which now offer a much improved water harvesting capacity to capture much more precious rainfall.


Toughened glass with capping

The Garden Room is supplied with 3 mm full length toughened glass; the best choice when it comes to glazing a greenhouse. Full length safety glass eliminates the normal overlap and can also better withstand high velocity impacts. If it does break, it breaks into small harmless particles making it the ideal choice in a family oriented environment. The capping secures the glass along the full length of both sides of each pane making the greenhouse stronger in windy conditions. It also provides a superior finish, with the added bonus of being easier to clean.


Anti-capillary glass clips

The anti-capillary glass clips vastly improve rain water runoff into the gutters; they also eliminate the possibility of the water ingress through capillary action making its way back inside the greenhouse. Also, due to the clever design, it minimises internal condensation drips by allowing condensation that builds up on the inside of the roof to freely drain down the pane of glass directly into the gutters.


Water harvesting gutter corner joint

The first of its kind interior water harvesting component for greenhouses. This innovative design allows you to capture water on the inside of the greenhouse in two locations.


Roof vents

Four roof vents are supplied as standard to circulate and vent the huge volume of air contained within this large greenhouse.



The hangar style double doors and innovative low threshold design eliminate the traditional stepping over or ducking to enter your greenhouse. Included as standard are industrial inspired door handles to ensure smooth operation with a lock hole that allows a padlock.