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Brand:  Regency



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A chalet to lighten up any corner of the garden.


50x50mm tanalised floor joists, fully rebated doors & frame, fully-glazed double doors, mortice lock and handle, 2 opening windows (4 opening windows in the 10’ model), 2 window boxes, toughened glass to bottom panes on doors, heavy-duty felt and diagonal bracing. High and low roof options available.

7’x7’ shown below with optional georgian glazing, cedar cladding and black felt tiles.

A chalet to lighten up any corner of the garden. Also available with the low roof option avoiding the dreaded planning restrictions should your site require it.


Imperial Metric Eaves Height
6′ x 6′ 1830 x 1830mm 2011mm
7′ x 7′ 2135 x 2135mm 2011mm
8′ x 8′ 2440 x 2440mm 2011mm
10′ x 10′ 3050 x 3050mm 2011mm
Ridge height Low High
6′  2386mm 2610mm
7′ 2480mm 2790mm
8′ 2500mm 2915mm
10′ N/A 30115mm