Lugarde Alabama Log Cabin B13

Lugarde Alabama Log Cabin B13

Brand:  Lugarde



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Double glazing : 
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Treated foundation beams  
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Article number B13
Width 400 cm (other sizes possible)
Depth 300 cm (other sizes possible)
Surface 12 m²
Volume 31 m³
Wall thickness 44 mm (also available in 68 mm)
Ridge height 290 cm (≤ 250 cm possible without additional costs)
Wall height 225 cm
Window(s) 4 x PJ07
Door(s) 1 x PE26
Roof type Apex roof
Roof overhang 30 cm
Type of wood First class spruce from northern countries (14 – 16 % kiln dried)
System Log cabin system

Construction drawing

See the construction drawing (pdf)

Additional technical information

For more information, please get in touch with us. We are happy to assist you!

Customer benefits

Many options included

At Lugarde we offer a high quality product for a reasonable price. In our own factory we make first class quality products. We have an eye for detail. This quality and attention to detail reflects in the finished product. All of the following features are standard and are included within the price!

Key features of our windows & doors

  • Lugarde doors and windows are very robust and solid.
  • Doors and windows have high quality double glazed sealed units  (4+16+4 argon gas filled with a high insulation value of 1.1).
  • All windows are sealed with silicone sealant.
  • Doors and windows are fitted with drainage holes.
  • All doors are fitted with a 3-point security locking system (brand Maco), provided with a hallmark.
  • Doors and windows are manufactured from laminated timber. This helps to prevent warping.
  • All windows and doors are fitted with rubber draught excluders.
  • Sprung handle (choice of chrome or brass).
  • Handy adjustable split hinges including protection covers for the hinges (choice of chrome or brass).
  • Doors are fitted with aluminium wear strip to protect the threshold.
  • Crossbars have a simple click in clip system. Very handy for painting and cleaning.
  • Doors can be hinged on right hand side without an extra charge (doors as standard are left hand hinged).



  • Roof shingles as standard on all pyramid and apex roofs. Choice of black, blue, brown, green and red.
  • Choice of a chrome/brass ball, weather-vane or weather-witch (for pyramid roofs).
  • The inside of our pyramid summerhouses are finished with a decorative wooden knob.
  • Flat roofs will be delivered with wide aluminium roof trims, high quality EPDM rubber, glue and water outlet.
  • Log cabins are finished with a beautiful metal ridge finial with Lugarde logo.


Key features of our posts & beams

  • Foundation beams are pressure treated and fixed together with aluminium corner clips.
  • Laminated posts.
  • Log cabins: straight cut logs instead of diamond cut logs.
  • Walls of 68 mm have a double tongue and groove.
  • Adjustable feet for all posts for the purpose of our log cabins, summerhouses and canopies.
  • Aluminium feet are included for our detached gazebos.


High quality timber

  • Our first class spruce is from northern countries. Through the cold climate trees grow relatively slow. The growth rings are closer together which makes the wood more stable and durable.
  • All our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to approx. 14 – 16 % moisture content, as a result, wood shrinkage is reduced.
  • All our timber suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified. We keep wood waste and sawdust to a minimum and reusing it for other purposes.

Other advantages

  • High quality building systems (Prima 3=1 system, Pro-system and log cabin-system).
  • Free skirting boards for internal floors.
  • Drawings are specially made for your summerhouse, log cabin or other canopy.
  • Free delivery to UK mainland.
  • Easy assembly with simple instructions.
  • All fasteners and metalworks come in a handy sportsbag.
  • 5 year guarantee on manufacturing or construction faults.

Explore our key features in the 3D-configurator

Many of our key features are also visible in our unique 3D-configurator for summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos and more. You can select the roof shingles, the door fitting and the ridge finishing and watch it in 360°!


We offer many extra options for your summerhouse, log cabin or canopy. For example, you can choose from different windows & doors, floors, colour-treatment and insulation.

Questions, enquirys or more information?

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about extra options we offer? Or do you have any questions or enquirys? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Our range of extra options

At Lugarde we include a lot in the price as standard. Have a. You can also choose from many optional extras. You will find our range of options on this page below.

Options for windows and doors

  • Opaque or transparent painted windows and doors
  • Different kind of window(s), for example rotary tilt windows
  • Different kind of door(s), for example a sliding door
  • Different size or shape of your window and/or doors, for example an extra wide door (100cm)
  • Different kind of glass. Like stained glass or frosted glass. Glass sliding door


(Colour) treatment

If you want to protect your summerhouse optimally, you can choose for pre-treating your summerhouse. At Lugarde you can choose between spray-treatment, staining and pressure-treatment.

Spray treatment

Spray treatment in transparent white, graphite grey, brown or light grey. Your summerhouse, roofing or log cabin is now provided with a primer. The spray treatment will also prevent your summerhouse or log cabin against fungi and the rotting processes. The inside is now protected and you don’t have to paint it again. To protect your summer house or log cabin against other weather influences you have to paint the outside within a year.

For every part you can choose one colour:

  • Windows and doors
  • Walls (and fascia’s)
  • Internal floor



Colourless pre-treatment (primer) on the inside and outside, plus a painted outside including your windows and doors (choice of six colours). With this treatment your summerhouse or gazebo will be protected for 2 -3 years. It is possible to colour the windows and doors differently than the rest of your building. The windows and doors will be provide with 3 treatment-layers.

For the best result and a more beautiful finishing you can sand up the timber slightly and give it another layer after assembly. Hereby most of the irregularity will disappear and your summerhouse will be protected for 4 to 5 years. You can order the right colour stain.

For every part you can choose one colour:

  • Windows and doors
  • Pillar (and fascia’s)
  • Walls (and fascia’s)

Your (Pro-system) summer house will be painted with Sigma quality paint.


Pressure treatment

Pressure treatment in green or brown is only possible with log cabins and pro-systems. The impregnating fluid is forced into the timber and there is no need for an additional treatment. A pressure treated log cabin or pro-system has the longest durability. The timber is optimally protected. Painting is an optional extra. Windows and doors are not pressure treated. They can be painted in colour or opaque or can be spray treated. During the first period after pressure treatment the timber can work. The timber can shrink a little.

 Canopy, floor and other timber options

  • Wall enhancement
  • Canopy. Roof shingles and posts are included
  • Extra post(s)
  • External floor of Siberian larch timber
  • Thicker wall for your summer house or log cabin. (for example 28 to 44 mm, or 44 to 68 mm) Not possible at the pro-system
  • Wooden internal floor (you will receive free skirting boards)
  • Wooden attic floor (only the larger log cabins). Handy to use as an additional storage. Also a ladder can be ordered
  • Balustrades. Choice of cross or vertical design
  • Louvre wall (instead of no wall or a closed wall)
  • Pergola (without posts)



Double wall insulation system for floor, walls and/or roof. Windows are double glazed as standard. When you insulate your summerhouse or log cabin, it can be used as an office, holiday home, fitness area or exercise room.


Other options

  • Roof tiles or thatched roof (organized by dealer)
  • Roof of 26 degrees or more (only for log cabins with an apex roof)
  • Valley gutter (where two apex roofings converge) for your log cabin
  • Decorative bases for the posts, high base (80 cm) or low base (20 cm)


Discover the options in the 3D-configurator

All the options for summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos and more you can find in our 3D-configurator. You can select the terrace floor, glass sliding wall and the desired colour treatment and view it in 360 degrees.

Questions, enquirys or more information?

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about extra options we offer? Or do you have any questions or enquirys? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you!