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Pressure treatment

Pressure treatment is an alternative for staining. Pressure treatment is possible for your log cabin or Pro system (not possible with the Prima system). What does it mean?

  • Additional treatments like staining are not necessary anymore. You have a choice between a green or brown colour.
  • With pressure treatment, the impregnating fluid is forced into the wood. The impregnated wood becomes swollen, so it is therefore necessary to allow a longer delivery time to allow for drying.
  • When a log cabin is pressure treated there is no need for additional treatment.
  • After a while the wood will start to turn grey. The wood does not have to be stained but it is possible if you don’t like the grey colour.
  • Due to the high pressure during pressure treatment it is possible that the wood will change. Sometimes cracks and chinks will occur.
  • Fascia boards, roofbeams and canopies will also be pressure treated.
  • Windows and doors will not be pressure treated.